Dorf at 3 years

Dorf at 3 years

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who moved my cheese?

Somehow one of Dorothy's toys from Alabama has made it into the rest of the house. I spotted the little pink mouse at the bottom of the basement steps over the weekend and wondered how it wound up there. Probably Teen Baby or Luanne found it in my bedroom during one of their rare jaunts in there (lately) when I'm letting Dorothy run around, and they batted it right out the door. It seems to reason that one or the other of them could've transported it down the stairs, but what's more likely is someone got carried away with their own antics and launched dear mousie down the stairs, and then couldn't be bothered to rescue it. Typical. The other day I brought mousie back up to live among the living instead of among the laundry. Lately, I've noticed Luanne playing with the new mousie instead of one of her 4 million other ones. Naturally, Dorothy was curious about this.

Pink mousie

Luanne has pink mousie in her sights.


Wait, who's that over there?

She has my mousie. How do I get it back?

First, I'll fake her out. Oh, look, a little teddy bear toy. I can just play with that.

But instead, I'll go on the attack in 3...2...1...

She didn't seem this big when I was behind the box.

Dorfy skedaddles out of range and plots her next move. Luanne sits comfortably, with the captured mousie at her feet. And then senses *something* out of the corner of her eye.

I am quiet. No one can hear me. Or see me.

Ummm, OK.

GAH! Never mind!



  1. The look on Luanne's face in that last picture is cracking me up. "What's HER problem?!" :D

  2. I'll add quotes today. I was so tired last night, and annoyed because I took so many pictures, but I don't have a fancy Flickr account (yet) so I've almost reached my maximum pics for the month. BUT...tomorrow is a new month. Maybe I'll upload these and repost so they're bigger.

    Dorothy is such a hoot. I have a video of her chasing the turbo ball thingy. She goes around and around at top speed. Hilarious. She also goes crazy on the Nemo and the little donkey bean bag doll thing I have and I still have to get a video of that. I'll post those, too.

  3. Well, other kitties toys are always better than your own.

  4. I love that you were moved to drive 6.5 hours to meet and adopt Dorothy!

    Can't wait to read the updates of Dorothy and the rest of your bunch