Dorf at 3 years

Dorf at 3 years

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Little Dorfy and the abscess

So last Wednesday was when I took all the pictures in the post below (of Dorfy with Teen Baby and Luanne). She'd been in the bedroom all day and I thought she'd be happy to race around the house exploring again. But instead she took to the granny square pillow on the sofa and napped. I didn't think too much of it because maybe she'd tired herself chasing all of her toys around the bedroom.

She does love her Nemo and kangaroo-kicks it regularly. And this is how she always greets me when I get home (don't mind the slippers).






Thursday morning she was still not up to full power and I noticed she was limping slightly. I put her on the bed and checked her right hind leg and there was a big bulge right below her hock. When I pressed it she squeaked (usually her "talking" is just a peep here and there) and reached around to nip me, so I knew she was in pain. The bulge felt a little hard so I was then even more worried that bone might be involved. I immediately called the vet and took her in. He said it probably wasn't a broken bone because the swelling would've been more diffuse throughout the entire bottom part of her leg, and it could be an abscess. Her temperature was 106 degrees, which is extremely high, but she was fighting even being held, so that was a good sign. I had to go to work, so I left her there and they called me later.

The vet said he also felt the hardness in the bulge so they took an x-ray to make sure the bone wasn't involved. It wasn't; she had a HUGE abscess. When he lanced it, a lot of multi-colored pus came out. They cleaned it and started her on antibiotics. I went to get her at lunch to take her home and then go back to work. I could tell she was already feeling better because at one point I looked over and she (in the carrier) was batting around her catnip banana.

I cleaned her leg for a few days with peroxide and have to give her antibiotics for about two weeks, but she should be fine. And I KNOW she's back to her old self because she is acting like her crazy kitten self. I have to sort of "sit" on her with her between my knees to give her the meds, but she now lets me do it with no fight and she doesn't hold a grudge. Good, sweet girl.

dorothy nemo


  1. She is so pretty. Glad she is okay! She reminds me of my Bridget (who is almost 4 now).

  2. I love the shot of Dorfy telling you to "hurry up!". Poor lil' tot, I've had abscesses with my crew and they take sooooo long to pop up. I always feel terrible for not noticing it sooner...
    Have you tried pill pockets for her medicine, or does she have the dreaded pink juice? Either way, she'll be up to snuff in a day or two, then watch out!

  3. Purrrring for Dorothy. We hope this abscess is a one time thing, and not the start of a kittiewar with someone.

  4. awww.. an abscess. those things are not fun. I used to have a kitty who got them regularly and one of my crew got one shortly after joining the family.

    I'm glad she is feeling better and on the mend.

  5. Oh, poor little monkey! I wonder how long it takes for an abscess to form and if it could have started here? I'm glad you spotted it and had it taken care of. I'm not surprised she forgives you easily; she clearly loves her mama very much. :)

  6. I'm glad that Dorothy's doing better and that she has such a good parent who picked up on this so quickly.

    These things seem to go nuclear overnight with kitties, good thing you noticed so quickly.

  7. BTW, can I say that I love that second pic? It seems like she's screaming:

    Do you not understand what I'm saying here? I'm STARVING here! Fading away!

  8. Get well soon, sweet Dorothy! And I love that last picture where she's hugging her lovey....

  9. She is doing just fine. Crazy as ever. The abscess is gone, the bump is going down, and her fur is growing back. She's taking the antibiotics like a champ, too.