Dorf at 3 years

Dorf at 3 years

Monday, June 27, 2011

This baby is teh cutest.

Dorothy's abscess is almost completely healed. There is still a hardness there, like a bone spur or something, but her hair is growing back and the spot where they lanced the abscess is a tiny scab. She is crazy as ever, chasing her toys all over creation and running around with a hooked-over tail and chasing Luanne (who chases her back).

She is no longer scared of Luanne and Luanne has stopped hissing at her for the most part. They have staring contents and then Miss D runs up to Luanne, rears up and flips sideways in mid-air with her tail all fat and hooked. She's hilarious. She still sometimes does that when she sees herself in the mirror.

zonked-out Dorfy

Hello, I am napping
Her little baby body is starting to fill up her little blue baby bed, so she has taken to the royal red bed I bought for her. It has room to grow. She can even fit in there with her toys.

Dorothy and toys

She still has to spend time in the bedroom and is starting to dislike being by herself in there (although I'm in and out all the time when she is).


"Hey. I'm right here."

"Maybe I'm small enough to fit under this door."


  1. Such a cutie! Soon you can whirlwind all over the house all the time, Dorfy!

  2. I LOVE the bed stuffed with toys. She's such a sweet little character, and she looks so happy! It warms a foster momma's heart. :)

  3. Kitten arms under the door have always killed me!

  4. It always makes me giggle to see the kitten paws under the door..."hey, let me out"! What an adorable baby she is~Donna