Dorf at 3 years

Dorf at 3 years

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Proof of warmth

I wanted to show everyone that I'm staying warm so I made the chick who lives with me tape it. It's short but at least she followed my directions. Happy Caturday!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

WTF is this???

Front window (the cats' noses spend a lot of time against the window, evidently; oh wait, no, those are FLAKES, OK no they aren't)
front yard

front yard2

Back window
back yard

back yard2

I am cold.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The torbie and the turbo-ball

This is me minding my own business, playing with my turbo-ball. Then I get stalked by the paparazzi. Can't a kitty just live her life without being constantly filmed and photographed, for God's sake?

Friday, January 6, 2012

The princess and the thermostat

Since it's gotten colder outside, I've discovered that my mom is apparently an Eskimo when it's time for bed. The house gets colder--and, YES, I DO notice even though I have a thick coat of amazingly gorgeous fur--and Luanne and Teen Baby crowd the momma for the night.
Lu and Tee

So far, Luanne still doesn't allow me to sleep propped up against mom legs or mom arms (warmth-hogger), so I either sleep in one of my beds, which are both on the big bed, or I sleep in the cat tree, which is right next to the bed.
Dorfy cat tree

A few weekends ago, I took advantage of the momma sleeping late and got under the covers (I do this every once in awhile now), and I discovered I could do my Bikram yoga in there. That's when you roll around and stretch and it's warm. In case you didn't know, BIKRAM stands for "Bodies Imitating Kitteh Relaxation and Meditation." Now you know. Spread the word. We invented this AND we don't need water bottles or towels. Or mats.

So, first I wedged my way inside and got right next to the momma. Despite the fact that she is constantly shivering and wrapping herself in 80 layers of clothes, she was warm.
Dorfy covers 1

I immediately rolled onto my back and got myself into position...
Dorfy covers 2

for Upside-Down-Facing Kitteh. If you try this and are unable to touch your toes to your chin, you are not a cat. Sorry.
Dorfy covers 3

After maintaining this position for 10 minutes (oh yes I did), I released and relaxed next to the momma.
Dorfy covers 4

Dorfy covers 5.2

Dorfy covers 5.1

and then took a nap.
dorfy covers 6

I am not spoiled.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Remember my blue baby bed that Robyn sent me home in?

I still fit in it, but somehow it's getting smaller! I'm not getting bigger. I'm NOT. I am still a baby. Happy New Year!

baby bed