Dorf at 3 years

Dorf at 3 years

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dorfy is independent

Dorfy has made her boldest move yet.

Luanne has been hiding all day under one of the chairs in the living room because of the incessant snap-crackle-pop of July 4th fireworks going off. Her leopard cushion and Indian ottoman have been empty all day. So Miss Dorfy took some time to languish on the ottoman for awhile. As I expected, she was unfazed by the apocalyptic nonsense going on outside.

Then she went shopping in the toy box for something to bat around. Half the toys are already out anyway, but she IS a toddler and they want everything out all at once.


It was a month ago today that I drove down to adopt Miss D. She is a sweet little thing who loves to play and give lots of kisses. Seriously, she will lick your fingers, your arm, your ankle, your foot, anything. I love the little love bug.

dorothy kiss


  1. Well, after a ride in a tornado, the rest is gravy!

  2. she looks quite beautiful on that ottoman. I hope she gets more time on it in the future